Bad Credit Car Dealerships

APR For Bad Credit

Published October 15, 2018


Bad Credit Car Dealerships

Here at Bob Ruth Ford, we understand that finding bad credit car dealerships can be a hassle sometimes, especially seeing one that sells reliable used cars and approves car loans!
If you have not so good, mediocre or even no credit, come by and talk to us today about getting you set up for one of our bad credit car loans.
Having to deal with a credit issue can be so frustrating, and we are here to help people like you to get a car loan that you can afford. If you have been needing a vehicle, and have put off getting one because of your bad credit score, then don't waste any more time worrying about what to do. Now you can just come by our dealership here at Bob Ruth Ford and apply for a car loan right here. Being one of your local Ford dealers in pa, you have access to a dealership who is right here where you live or close to where you live, and you can come in and apply for a car loan even with bad credit.
If you have some glitches in your credit or even some more significant issues such as repossession or bankruptcy, you can still come in an get a loan. Since we provide the car approval loan directly from our dealership, you don't have to go through any banks or financial institutions you get a loan, in which case with bad credit, would just be rejected. Why put yourself through that type of ordeal when you can come to our dealership here at Bob Ruth Ford where anyone can apply for bad credit car loans.
The humiliation alone can make anyone not want even to attempt to get a car loan, but we know what you have to deal with when your credit is not where it should be, and this way, we can help you get into a car, and also you can build your score.
Having a good apr for bad credit, you can buy a car that you like, with a payment that you can afford. Do you need an SUV or minivan? Maybe you want a pickup truck? Perhaps you need a small car to drive to work or school? We can help you with whatever your needs may be.
Have you already been turned down by a car dealership, and you think you want to try again? Please don't give up on yourself. That is why we do what we do, because we know we are helping individuals like you to get a car.
Many times things seem to happen, and they snowball, from one thing to another, and you think what else can go wrong? We are here to make things right. It gives us great pleasure to help people get a car loan when they need one and have nowhere else to turn.
If you are looking for a Harrisburg ford dealer, that will approve you a car loan, stop by Bob Ruth Ford today and apply. We will be happy to help you every way that we can!700 N U.S. 15, Dillsburg, PA 17019

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