Buying a Car with Bad Credit

Guaranteed Approval Auto Loans

Published November 30, 2018


If you are thinking about buying a car with bad credit, and you aren't sure where to go, come and see us at Bob Ruth Ford where you can get a car loan approval even if you have bad credit.
We understand that you may be going through difficult times and you may have gotten into a bit of a mess with your credit, and to have that looming over your head all the time, you may be worried that you can't get approved for a car loan. Well, don't let those of fears prevent you from dropping by and talking to us at Bob Ruth Ford.
If you are looking to buy a car, and you have a steady income, you can get car loans bad credit, or maybe you have not established any credit at all? If you have none or bad credit, no worries there, we can help those who have lousy or no credit at all.
Have you thought about finding a lousy credit ford dealers? If so, Bob Ruth Ford is your local car dealership for getting a loan on a vehicle that you have wanted to purchase, even if your credit score is lousy.
We can help get you into a truck, minivan, SUV or a car that is within your budget. All it takes is for you to come by and talk to us about your current situation and what it is that you want to buy and what you need your payment to be around and Let us help you find that car you have been wanting.
It isn't easy sometimes when you have a poor credit score, or if you have never had an opportunity to build good credit. It seems that anywhere you go these days you are required to have good credit, and if you don't, more often than not, you get turned down for most things you apply. Well, not here at Bob Ruth Ford. When you come to our car dealership, we will take into consideration all of your needs, income and credit history even if you have bad credit due to credit card debt, bankruptcy, also other types of credit issues. We will work with you on such matters and have you driving a nice, quality vehicle from our dealership.
If you are serious and want to finance a car with bad credit, then stop by and see us at Bob Ruth Ford where you can find a variety of these vehicles all at an affordable price and give us the opportunity to help you.
Since we have guaranteed credit approval auto loans, you can drive home in a nice car that you will be happy with for many years to come, and you don't have to worry about coming to our dealership and being turned down. As long as you have a job and can make your monthly payment, we can get your car loan approved. If you are looking for a vehicle that you have wanted to buy for some time now, and bad credit has prevented you from moving forward then please stop by and see us today at Bob Ruth Ford, and let us get you on the road to better credit and a nice, quality used car.

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