Car Loans Bad Credit Near Me

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Published December 28, 2018


Car Loans Bad Credit Near Me

If you want to buy a vehicle but you are worried how to go about getting one, see us at Bob Ruth Ford where you can get car loans bad credit.
When you have bad credit, it can be challenging to get the things you sometimes want because most places you go now days requires a perfect credit score, if you dont have one, you usually end up with a lot of added fees for having a bad score. Not here at Bob Ruth Ford, We can get you set up with bad credit car loans Harrisburg pa, right here at our dealership even if your credit score is lousy. We will go over your income and our rates to find the payment that is right for you.
Do you want to find a car that is inexpensive, perhaps one that may be an older model car which will keep your payments lower than if you were to purchase a newer model used car?
We have a large selection of cars that are priced under 5000, and when you stop by you can take a look at the inventory of the inexpensive vehicles we have here at Bob Ruth Ford.
With our sales staff here to assist you, we can find the best car for you, One that has what you need but is also affordable for you. We have many different makes and models of vehicles from used ford cars for sale to Jeep, Ram, Toyotas and more. All you have to do is come by and tell us what you want to find, and we can help you narrow down your search by getting all the details of what you want, and help find the right car for you.
If its an SUV, minivan, truck or sedan, we have you covered when it comes to variety and options. From new cars to cheap ones you will be able to find exactly what you are searching for here at Bob Ruth Ford and with the help from our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff we can see the car you want and get you approved for a loan in a snap.

Dont stress yourself trying to go to a dealership that is going to require you to have a perfect credit score because if you dont, then you will be left with perhaps having to find a family member to sign a loan with you, and lets face it, most people do not want to be responsible for someone elses loan. So we make it easy and relieve that issue by providing you with an auto loan directly from our dealership and without a cosigner. Just have an income, and we will help you find the best vehicle that works for you and your budget.

When looking for used cars for sale in Harrisburg pa remember to come by and see us here at Bob Ruth Ford where we can make your dreams of getting a car you want, and the loan that you need, a reality! Stop by today!

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