Ford Credit Loans

Car Loans Bad Credit

Published December 14, 2018


Ford Credit Loans

Have you been wanting to buy a car but felt like you couldn't because of some past credit issues? Here at Bob Ruth Ford you can come and see us for a ford credit auto loan.
When you want to buy a car or if you need to, then you know that it requires you to have good credit. If you dont then most often you do not get approved for a loan. The embarrassment that comes along with that can sometimes be too much to deal with on a personal level.
Dont let having poor credit, or none stop you from coming by and seeing us at Bob Ruth Ford.

If you have gone to other car dealers york pa and have not been approved for a loan, or if they have required you to have a person to cosign the loan with you, then you already know what a hassle all of that can be. Not here at our dealership. When you come to see us at Bob Ruth Ford, you can stop by with the assurance that you will be able to get that car you need.
With everything from cars to trucks and minivans, we have a vehicle that is just right for you. Even if you are on a budget, we can get you set up with ford motor credit loan that will suit you and doesn't drain your bank account.

If you have gone to other ford dealerships in york pa and have inquired about getting a car loan, only to find out that they are going to run a credit check, and your score has to be at a certain number for you to qualify for a loan at their dealership. On top of that, when they run the credit check, and you know your credit is weak, it's going to make your credit suffer more. Why do that to yourself when you can come by and see us at Bob Ruth Ford.
At our dealership, you can get car loans bad credit which is a win for you since you can get your vehicle financed right here at our dealership.

Everyone goes through some bad situations and at times there are things you have no control over, such as unexpected medical bills, or emergencies, you may have lost your job at some point, and your credit cards fell behind. No matter what your situation was, as long as you have a job and an income to make your monthly payment, you can get your car financed with us at Bob Ruth Ford. We like to be able to help individuals like you to get the car loan you need and deserve, and with being able to make your payments directly to us, you dont have to get your car financed through a bank.
So, stop by and talk with us today about how you can get a car loan even if you have bad credit. We are here to help you any way that we can.

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