Getting Approved For A Bad Credit Auto Loan

No matter how carefully you plan your finances sometimes life just doesn’t cooperate.  You may have taken out a loan that you were more than capable of paying back on time but circumstances conspired to make that impossible, causing you to make late payments, or miss them entirely for a time.  These small mishaps in your payment history can make it difficult to get your loans approved, but not at Bob Ruth Ford.  We understand that in many cases things happen in life that cannot be avoided or planned and are completely beyond your control.  That is why we are happy to use our connections at many of the top lenders help our customers with less than ideal credit scores.  Our finance team will work tirelessly to help you find the financing you need to get a great car at payments that will fit into your monthly budget. You can start the bad credit loan application process by applying for financing online with our finance department.

Bad Credit Auto Loans With No Judgement

One reason that customers with less than ideal credit are happy to work with us is that they can do so without that worry that they will be judged or looked down upon for their less than perfect credit.  Our finance team is not here to judge you, but instead their focus is on helping you to find a vehicle that fits your needs and to help you arrange the financing to pay for it.  We make sure that each of customers, no matter their credit situation, feels valued and appreciated. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to auto financing and we will do our best to help you receive the financing you need in order to purchase your next vehicle.

Apply For An Auto Loan Online

The team in our finance department is happy to work with you in person to help arrange for auto financing. But if you would like to streamline the auto financing process you can fill out our online finance application. If you are looking for an auto loan and have less than perfect credit please don’t hesitate to come into the dealership to speak with our auto loan specialists, or call us for a consultation today.

Bad Credit Auto Loan Specialists

Another challenge that you may face as a car shopper with bad credit is a lack of quality options at dealerships that are willing to work with you. That won’t be an issue at Bob Ruth Ford, where you will find a great selection of new Ford and high-quality used cars for sale no matter your credit situation. So you won’t need to compromise on quality in order to find the financing you need. Visit us at Bob Ruth Ford in Dillsburg, PA to shop from our huge selection of high-quality used cars for sale or to speak with one of our financing specialists to find out how they can help you with your bad credit auto financing today.