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Bad Credit Car Loans

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Having bad credit can make it harder to secure an affordable car loan, but it doesn’t put you out of the running. If you’re wondering where to find the premier bad credit car dealers in York PA, Bob Ruth Ford is here to help. Whether you simply have a poor credit history or have even declared bankruptcy in the past, our guaranteed auto loan program is here to help you obtain the financing you’ll need to afford the car you’ve had your eye on. We offer an incredible 100% acceptance rate for our bad credit applicants, so you can be sure you’ll qualify. Financing your vehicle purchase is often the most stressful part of the buying process, and when you’re shopping with bad credit it can sometimes feel like the odds are stacked against you! At Bob Ruth Ford, we’re committed to helping our credit challenged customers to find bad credit car loans in York PA.


With fast application approval, you’ll find out right away what kind of car loan you qualify for. We understand that poor credit isn’t always an indicator of irresponsible spending. Life is unpredictable, and your credit score can sometimes get out of control despite all your efforts. Get the auto loan you deserve, with a reasonable interest rate and no application fees! Bob Ruth Ford is the clear choice among bad credit car dealers near York PA. Apply for Ford Motor Credit today, and get started on repairing your credit while scoring a car you’ll love to drive!

How We Provide Bad Credit Loans

At many Ford dealers in York, your options for financing a car purchase with bad credit are limited. Some dealers refuse to work with those who have a poor credit history, deeming them too high of a risk. That’s not the case when you shop with Bob Ruth Ford! We’re pleased to be able to offer guaranteed auto loans for all of our customers, regardless of credit history or whether you’ve filed for bankruptcy. How do we achieve this? We work with the most understanding and generous lenders in the nation to help provide York drivers with affordable auto loans. Don’t let your credit history prevent you from securing the loan you need!

You probably know that lenders use your credit score as the primary determinant of risk when deciding whether or not to provide financing. The lower your score is, the higher your risk factor. So how can buyers with poor credit, no credit or those who have declared bankruptcy qualify? Simple - lenders offset the risk associated with poor credit history by charging higher interest rates.

Improving Your Credit Score

Don’t think you’re doomed to pay at a high-interest rate forever! As you make timely payments on your loan, you’ll see your credit score steadily increase. When this happens, it may be possible to refinance your loan at a lower APR.

Of course, consistently paying your bills on time isn’t the only way to improve your credit. Keeping your credit card balance below 30% of your credit limit will help you slowly but surely improve your score. Make sure always to pay your bills on time and never max out your credit cards to maintain a positive trend in your credit reports.

When you qualify for bad credit loans in PA, chances are you’ll have to make a larger down payment on your vehicle. Many buyers have trouble finding enough cash to afford their next vehicle. A good way to afford your down payment is to use your saved cash along with trading in your current vehicle. If planning on buying an affordable used car, this may be enough to cover a down payment of 20%.


Ford Motor Credit

If you’ve tried to obtain financing at other used car dealers in Harrisburg PA only to be turned away, you may begin to lose hope that you’ll be able to find financing. Don’t give up just yet! The bad credit financing specialists at Bob Ruth Ford will work with you to help you obtain the loan you need to afford an outstanding vehicle. With Ford Motor Credit, you can easily apply online for financing. Don’t spend hours waiting at a dealership to find out if you qualify - you can know right away at Bob Ruth Ford! As one of the top bad credit car dealerships in PA, we have years of experience helping our financially struggling customers get into the cars they need at prices they can afford.

Ready to get your hands on one of our great used cars? We’ve got all kinds of pre-owned vehicles for you to choose from. We recommend applying for pre-approval online, so you can find out how much car you can afford before you begin looking. Take the stress out of qualifying for a bad credit car loan at your used car dealer in Harrisburg PA - Bob Ruth Ford!