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When it comes to finding your dream car, the process can seem never-ending. Then once you have found a vehicle you love figuring out how you are going to finance it can seem even more difficult, especially if you have poor credit. If you have a poor credit history, you may have to search outside of traditional car loans to finance your next vehicle. Which is why here at Bob Ruth Ford we offer bad credit financing at our on-site Ford motor credit center in Dillsburg, PA. Our guaranteed auto loan program can have you driving in away in a vehicle you love and can afford. At Bob Ruth Ford we understand that trying to find financing for a car when you have less than perfect credit can seem like a never-ending and frustrating process. Which is why our team at this Ford credit center is here to help you. Our group of friendly people is happy to walk you through each step of the process so that you can better understand your financing options here in Dillsburg, PA.

When it comes to applying for a bad credit car loan, there are a few things that are factored in when a creditor decides on whether or not to give you a bad credit car loan for a vehicle. Your credit application will be the first thing that is looked at; you will need to provide information including employment, residence and income information. Your credit history will be looked over, this all of your current and past credit and debt information and what determines your credit score. Once these two things are looked at our team at the Ford financial center will decide on how much you can afford as well as loan terms and interest rates. Here at this Ford dealer in PA, we want you to drive away in a car you love but also can afford.

When it comes to bad credit auto financing, many people have several questions regarding the Ford motor credit financing process. One of the most common questions asked is “do I need a Cosigner”? With traditional car financing situations, the answer would be yes. However, when you work with our guaranteed auto loan financing, you will find that it is not necessary. While a co-signer can help improve your chances of getting better financing terms, we understand how difficult it can be to find someone to cosign on a vehicle with you, which is why here at Bob Ruth Ford we do not require a co-signer.

Another common question that is asked is how much of a down payment will I need to finance the vehicle I want? There is no required amount when it comes to a down payment here at this Ford Credit center. However, having a more substantial down payment to put towards your car truck or SUV will increase your chances of better rates and monthly payments. It doesn’t matter if you have bad credit, dealing with bankruptcy, you have no confidence, going through a divorce, or are a first-time buyer our lousy credit car lot is here to help the Harrisburg and York, PA areas get approved.

Here at Bob Ruth Ford your local Ford dealer in PA we understand that not everyone has time to come in and sit down to talk about their finances. Which is why we also have several online resources to help you get one step ahead in the financing process. With the value your trade in calculator you can get a quote on what your business in could be worth in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is plug in some necessary information including the make, model and year of your vehicle as well as mileage. Then once you have filled out the form hit submit and learn how much you can trade your car for today. The get pre-approved application makes it a breeze to figure out how much financing you are eligible for here in Dillsburg, PA. Fill out the required information and hit send, a Ford financial professional will look over your application and get back to you about your financing.

Here at Bob Ruth Ford, no one is ever turned away without our team exhausting every resource to help you get financing. Our bad credit car loans make it easy to drive away in a car truck or SUV that you love. When you are ready to drive away in a new or used car here in Dillsburg, PA head to Bob Ruth Ford and learn more about our Guaranteed auto loan financing process. Bob Ruth Ford's onsite bad credit experts understand that things happen. If you, have gone through or are going through a bankruptcy, or are experiencing any other situation where most credit lenders would not approve you, Bob Ruth Ford can help. If you find yourself wondering how to get a car with bad credit, our trained bad credit experts will work with you to get you a suitable car loan and into the vehicle you need today.
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