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Ford Expedition Max
Ford Expedition Max
Ford Focus
Ford Focus
Ford Super Duty F-250 SRW
Ford Super Duty F-250 SRW

As the premiere Ford dealer in Harrisburg, we have all of the Ford models in circulation available on-site.

You can look through our collection of commercial vehicles, from the Transit Connect to F-150 fleet editions and the E-Series Cutaway. You can explore our pickup truck lineup, including the King Ranch edition and the majestic Ford F-250. You can also look through our collection of popular SUVs and crossovers, whether you need a full-size, like the Explorer or Expedition, or a smaller SUV, like the Edge or Escape.

Donít sleep on Fordís collection of sedans and compact cars; the Taurus, Fusion, Focus, and Fiesta continue gaining popularity as more and more people purchase and drive them.

If you have interest in a specific Ford model, let us know! Weíd love to get you scheduled for a test drive, and we can be as flexible with timing as you need. Donít miss the chance to own that perfect Ford car today.

Ford Car Models: Sedans and Compact Cars

If youíre interested in excellent gas mileage, fashion-forward design, and roomy, comfortable interiors, Fordís sedan and compact car models might be for you. The Fiesta is efficient in size as well as gas mileage; youíll still have room for your luggage and a friend, but you wonít have to worry about your wallet when filling up during a road trip. You can also kiss your parallel parking woes goodbye--every spot is yours when you have the compact design of a Ford Fiesta.

The Focus brings the compact-mindedness to a slightly larger body with a more well-known pedigree--the Focus has been a best-seller for years. The Focus isnít just a compact car anymore, though, as it comes in performance models of up to 400 horsepower. You can customize it as much as you want, and you can either leave your Focus as a stylish compact car or turn it into a street-racing phenom.

The Fusion takes the sports mindset of the Ford Focus and applies is to a roomier sedan style. It comes with a highly customizable interior, so whether you looking for premium audio, leather seats, and high tech lighting, youíll find it. You can choose from several head-turning colors, so whether youíre looking for a conservative finish or you want to make a splash, we have options for you.

Last but not least, donít forget about the classic Ford Taurus. Its roomy interior has more than enough room for five, and youíll enjoy plenty of cubic storage space in the generous trunk area. You also donít have to sacrifice performance to enjoy this luxurious sedan; itís capable of up to 365 horsepower depending on the model you choose. Thereís a reason the Taurus has been a best-selling sedan for so many years, so sign up for a test drive and experience it for yourself.

Ford SUV Models: The Explorer, Expedition & More

If you need a versatile and powerful SUV thatís still domestic enough for family life, look no further. Ford has a full lineup of exciting large, mid-sized, and small SUVs, and theyíre waiting for you to test drive them.

To start off, the Expedition seats eight comfortably, and even while loaded with people and luggage, it can tow up to 6,000 pounds. You wonít have to sacrifice reasonable gas mileage to get that kind of power, as the Expedition can keep up with the mileage of vehicles smaller than itself. It also comes in six different configurations; thereís a budget tier and level of luxury to fit everyoneís needs. Call about a test drive and feel the power for yourself!

As Ford SUV dealers, we also carry a full selection of the always-popular Ford Explorer. This yearís explorer looks better than ever, with a rugged look fit for off road environments and luxurious comfort fit for the urban jungle. It also comes in 14 different configurations, so whether you want a version for family life or a sport variety for your weekend adventures, weíve got you covered. It seats seven, so itís perfect for a family or friends, and with up to 5,000 lbs of towing capacity, you wonít have trouble hauling a trailer around for business or pleasure.

Ford also has smaller, leaner SUVs for drivers with more of a crossover mindset. The Ford Edge features sleek lines and a refined touch on the vehicleís interior. Itís comfortably seats five, and you donít have to sacrifice gas mileage to get a wonderful combination of towing power and cargo volume. Itís the comfort of a sedan and the functionality of a SUV wrapped into one.

The Ford Escape is the ďcompact SUVĒ of the Ford family. With seating for five, it could be considered as the more rugged counterpart of the sleek Ford Edge. It tows up to 2,000 pounds, so whether youíre towing a small trailer or your small boat for a weekend getaway, you wonít have a hard time reaching your destination. It also comes in several different configurations depending on you need for offroad versatility.

Let us know when youíre ready for a test drive! We can set you up with an Excursion, Explorer, Edge, or Escape--just let us know.

Ford Truck Models: the Iconic F-150

We carry all of the popular Ford truck models, including the popular Ford F-150, the powerful F-250, the King Ranch Edition, and the Raptor. If itís everyday reliability and performance youíre looking for, give the F-150 a try; it has been trusted by millions of truck drivers for a reason. If youíd like to make a statement, then the Ford Raptor is for you--it comes with a customized exterior and interior, and itís the only truck as cool as a sports car.

Fordís Latest Models: Check Out the All-New Mustang

What are Fordís latest models? The Ford Edge has taken a step forward, while the Fusion Hybrid, the Focus electric, and the Fusion Energi have all made a collective stride in the industry. You donít want to miss the all-new Ford Mustang, though--itís still making waves, even after all these years.

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