Ford Fall Maintenance Tips Service in Dillsburg, PA

Ford Fall Maintenance Tips Service

Getting Your Ford in Shape for the Fall Season in Dillsburg, PA

Ford vehicles are made to be tough, and there’s nothing like the longevity that a Ford provides. The key to that longevity and toughness, however, is knowing when to service your vehicle. For Ford vehicles, there are the standard maintenance intervals that help guide you through your car’s maintenance, but there are also services that can be provided at the season change, specifically for the Fall. When fall comes, there are some recommended services that we can provide for you at our service center at Bob Ruth Ford.

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Our List of Recommended Fall Services for Your Ford

  1. Battery Inspection: There are plenty of auxiliary parts and systems connected to your battery, and they need to be checked occasionally. The change in season is the perfect time to do that, so we’ll check everything from the battery housing to the alternator.
  2. Battery Testing: Another vital part of keeping your car in good shape is knowing that the battery will last throughout the season. We can provide a full battery test so that you know if you need a battery replacement or not.
  3. Check Your Windshield Wiper Blades: As fall approaches, there are more and more chances of precipitation. You want to be able to see through that precipitation while driving, so it’s good to check your windshield wiper blades and ensure that they’re up to the task.
  4. HVAC Inspection: Your HVAC systems keep you warm during the cooler temperatures of fall, so we’ll check your heater, defrost, seat warmers, and steering wheel warmers so that you know you can handle the cold weather when it comes.
  5. Tire Pressure Inspection: Tire pressure changes over time, whether that’s due to slow leaks or due to temperature changes. Either way, it’s good to have your tires’ pressure checked and adjusted so that you’re in good shape for the roads.
  6. Tire Tread Inspection: Another way you can keep yourself safe is through a tire tread inspection. This will tell us whether you need new tires or not, and whether your current tires can handle driving in the fall weather, especially in the rain or even snow.


Come and Visit Bob Ruth Ford for Your Fall Maintenance

Our service center is the primary provider of fall maintenance for Dillsburg, Mt. Holly Springs, Boiling Springs, Valley Green, New Kingstown, and the surrounding communities. We offer home/office pick-up and delivery, which allows you to go about your business while we take your car, service it, and return it to you. We also have a Ford Quick Lane® that provides quick, high-quality service for when you’re in a hurry. Set up your appointment with our online service scheduler today!

Complimentary Bob Ruth Ford Amenities

Bob Ruth Ford is here to help drivers by offering a full menu of Ford-certified auto services. From routine maintenance services to complex engine or transmission repairs, you can trust our service department to get the job done right using genuine OEM parts and fluids. We offer both online service scheduling as well as a Quick Lane® for easy express services.

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