Ford High-Mileage Oil Change Service in Dillsburg, PA

Ford High-Mileage Oil Change Service

Getting a High-Mileage Oil Change in Dillsburg, PA

You have a busy life, and there’s not always time to do everything you want to do during the day. We understand that, but your car doesn’t, and it has strict mileage intervals after which services need to be completed. A high-mileage oil change is defined as any oil change that takes place after the recommended interval given by the service center, and that’s perilous for the quality of your engine. That’s why we provide oil changes at our service center at Bob Ruth Ford, so that you can get your oil changed on time.

Why High-Mileage Oil Changes Are So Bad for Your Car

High-mileage oil changes mean that you’re letting your oil decay past a point where it’s useful. Old oil has been through the engine a number of times, and that can break down the chemical protectants against rust and corrosion. Old oil also forms sludge, which is a mixture of water and oil, which doesn’t protect or lubricate your engine at all. This formation of sludge also decreases the amount of oil available to your engine for circulation. Old oil in a high-mileage oil change opens your engine up to wear and corrosion that is simply preventable.

Our Certified Technicians Can Help

If you’re getting close to the interval that you were given last time you got an oil change, the smart move is to come to our service center to get your oil change taken care of. Our service center employs certified technicians, who are the best at what they do. They can help get rid of the sludge and old oil from your engine and also refill it with plenty of high-quality OEM oil so that you get the best oil for your money.


Visit Bob Ruth Ford for Your Oil Change Today

Our service center is the primary provider of Ford oil change services for Dillsburg, Valley Green, Mt. Holly Springs, Boiling Springs, New Kingstown, and the surrounding areas. We have free Wi-Fi that you can enjoy while you wait, as well as a courtesy transportation shuttle to take you where you need to go while your oil is being changed. We also provide a complimentary multi-point inspection with the service we provide, giving you an idea of how you can take care of your car. Set up your appointment with our online service scheduler today!

Complimentary Bob Ruth Ford Amenities

Bob Ruth Ford is here to help drivers by offering a full menu of Ford-certified auto services. From routine maintenance services to complex engine or transmission repairs, you can trust our service department to get the job done right using genuine OEM parts and fluids. We offer both online service scheduling as well as a Quick Lane® for easy express services.

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