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Tire Rotation Services at Bob Ruth Ford of Dillsburg, PA

If you are wondering what tire rotation means, our service technicians can explain. While your tires rotate when you are driving down the road, this is not what we mean. Rather than the tire rotating, we are referring to the rotation of the entire wheel/tire assembly from one of the four locations on your vehicle to one of the others. Each wheel/tire assembly is moved to a different location to prevent worn areas of your tires from further contacting the road. This distributes the tread wear so that the life of your tires can be significantly extended. The location to which each is moved will depend on the unique tread wear pattern, which our service technicians will consider following an inspection.

Risks of Putting Off Tire Rotation Service

Uneven tread wear can be an issue, as it involves the same area of your tire being worn down over time. If this continues, the treads can wear too thin, then crack or burst. This is especially dangerous if you are driving and can make handling the vehicle nearly impossible. Avoid a blown-out tire by investing in tire rotation service now so that you can reap the benefits later. Our service technicians recommend checking your owner’s manual for the mileage checkpoint to perform this critical maintenance service.

Common Causes of Uneven Tread Wear

While tire rotation attempts to redistribute tread wear and halt the damage already caused to your tires, the uneven tread can signal other issues. These may also need to be addressed to prevent further damage in the future. Typically the inner edges of your tires will wear down a bit quicker than the outer edges, which is a natural result of driving and turning your vehicle. However, there could also be weight distribution issues at play in which a tire balancing service can be critical. Uneven wear may also indicate problems with your Ford’s wheel alignment, which our certified technicians can address. Our certified technicians can perform a detailed review of your tires and other major systems by taking advantage of our complimentary multi-point vehicle inspection. We can then advise you on whether more significant issues are a concern so that you can have them addressed promptly.

Benefits of Tire Rotation for Your Ford

The greatest benefit of tire rotation service is that it can prolong the life of your current tires, so you do not have to purchase new ones earlier than needed. Other benefits include increased fuel efficiency, improved handling, lower maintenance costs, and even brake wear.

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