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If youíre looking for a new car, one of two things is probably true: you either lost your previous vehicle and are trying to replace it, or you need to get rid of your last car to make room for a new one. In the case of the latter, we can help. Thereís nothing easier than arriving at our dealership in one car and driving away in a new one, and we promise youíll get a fair price on your vehicle when you trade it in. If you have any questions about the trade in process, let us know--weíd love to help you out.

How Much is my Used Car Worth? Use Our Tool to Find Out

Given the number of resale websites and used car calculators on the internet, it can be hard to determine your used carís actual value. Weíve made it easy by providing a simple online tool.

All you have to do is enter your carís information: the year, engine type, make, transmission, model, drivetrain, style, mileage, and zip code. As long as your car is in good condition and the information you entered is correct, youíll receive a close estimate of your carís value. The tool is powered by Kelley Blue Book.

Then, you can bring your vehicle in for an appraisal. This process is short--usually about half an hour--and it will result in a written offer from us for your used car. Thereís no rush to make a decision on the spot--you have seven days to accept or decline the offer. Once youíve accepted it, bring in the carís title, registration, and photo ID. You can apply your trade-in cash directly to your new car!

What Affects the Value of my Used Car?

First of all, the make of your car can influence how othersí view the resale value of your car. While we wonít get into brand specifics here, think this way: how is my brand perceived? Is it considered to be a durable car that sells well on the secondary market?

Secondly, take into account any accessories or replacement parts you used on your car. If you added custom features, rims, or performance packages, they could negatively impact your resale value. They may seem great to you, but most used car buyers wonít want to incur the cost of maintaining these parts--and the parts arenít covered by warranty.

As far as replacement parts are concerned, your carís resale value will be higher if you used original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. In the case of a Ford, youíd want replacement parts produced by Ford--they are guaranteed to function and fit correctly, and if they fail, they are covered by warranty.

Thirdly, your car will need to be in decent shape aesthetically. While it seems obvious, buyers will be influenced by stains, tears, scratches, and dents. You should repair or clean things that wonít incur too much cost (or that simply require you to grab a vacuum), and leave alone things that would cost more to fix than you could get in return when selling. The paint color also influences buyers--classic colors sell better than polarizing coats of paint or eccentric aftermarket applications.

Fourth, what is your drivetrain? If you live in Minnesota, you might have trouble selling a non-4x4 car.

Lastly (and most obviously), your carís mechanical well being will make or break your resale value. Itís ok to have high mileage if your car is in excellent condition, and if your transmission and brakes are looking young, youíre a step ahead of most sellers.

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